Chobham, Surrey

Planning permission has been granted by Surrey Heath Borough Council for the development of a substantial new country house on a site near Chobham in Surrey. Following the rejection of two previous applications by others, CTP was requested to review the scheme and promote an alternative that might prove to be acceptable to the local authority on this substantial green belt site. The new scheme, developed by Partner Ian Phillips working with architects, flood risk assessors, an equestrian specialist and ecological consultants, entailed the demolition of the very large stables complex on the site which was proving uneconomic for the owners, Ascot Park Polo Club.  The new house, which will be developed immediately adjacent to the existing buildings, was shown to represent a substantial improvement to the openness of the green belt, and therefore not inappropriate development in the green belt in terms of the guidance at paragraph 89 of the NPPF. CTP also commissioned a specialist report to assess whether there was any demonstrable need to retain the stables for recreational purposes, either in conjunction with APPC or as a separate entity, as this had been a key planning policy issue on the previous schemes. The lpa was satisfied that no need or viability existed, and this paved the way for the new development.

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